Empowering Your Digital Transformation with Advanced Cloud Solutions


 Professionals work with customers on a range of projects helping them architect, implement, and operate solutions built on AWS in addition to partnering with them to help bring their own technology and applications to the market as quickly and efficiently as possible taking full advantage of the cloud services AWS has to offer.

Our Services Overview

AI Solutions

Leverage cutting-edge AI to drive business efficiency and innovation. From machine learning models to intelligent analytics, unlock new opportunities with AI.

AWS Migration

Seamlessly migrate to the cloud with our expert AWS migration services. Ensure a smooth, secure transition with minimal downtime.


Accelerate your software delivery with AWS CI/CD. Implement robust pipelines for faster, more reliable updates and deployments

A Few Benefits Of Teaming Up With Us

Compliment Your Staff

Give them the added expertise to do great work without needing to know the technology now

Save Time And Money

Utilize the expertise of professionals who understand the technology. Instead of going in circles we get results

Gain Innovation

By working with APN Partner customers have the opportunity to leverage the new ground-breaking AWS services and solutions to support their growing unique business needs

Listen to what our clients say

Secure Cloud Networks was able to quickly diagnose our mutual clients' Citrix environment on their initial support call, and provide a roadmap to success. Thank Cortez and the team for jumping right in! We look forward to growing our partnership.

Chris Cognetta Chief Technology and Innovator Officer

Secure Cloud Networks provided professional AWS services and delivered exactly what we wanted when we wanted it. Cortez even provided insight into gaps we had and presented us with recommendations for remediation.

Jason Hoffman IT Manager
We Speak Cloud

Just A Few Things We Make Easier For You


Migrate Your Applications

Our AWS Solutions Architects can provide a cloud migration framework based on best practices to get you there

Backup/Disaster Recovery

We provide backup and disaster recovery solutions that enable you to rest assured your data is safe and secure

Make Applications Smarter

We help you take advantage of AI by helping you connect your apps to a complete ecosystem
Cloud is confusing because you don’t have the proper expertise

Because making Intelligent decisions requires an understanding of what you don’t know and finding those that do

We help businesses identify the proper tools and cloud services to do the job



Secure Your Data For The Long Haul

Enterprises today face significant challenges with exponential data growth. Machine learning and analytics give data more value than ever before. AWS offers a comprehensive set of cloud storage services for long term retention, compliance, and digital preservation. Our engineers and architects can help you on your way.

  • Lowest cost cloud storage
  • Meet compliance requirements
  • Zero hardware to manage
  • Data protection and data integrity

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Tooling and infrastructure resources for DevOps


AWS provides a set of flexible services designed to enable companies to more rapidly and reliably build and deliver products using AWS and DevOps practices. These services simplify provisioning and managing infrastructure, deploying application code, automating software release processes, and monitoring your application and infrastructure performance.

  • Built for Scale
  • Automation
  • Get Started Fast
  • Pay As You Go

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Tools To Help You Excel Online

Amazon Web Services offers an ecommerce cloud computing solution to small and large businesses that want a flexible, secured, highly scalable, and low-cost solution for online sales and retailing.

  • Keep your systems secure.
  • Pick your platform.
  • Let your website grow and shrink with demand.
  • Spend your money on what matters most.

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How does it fit?

Use Cases

Notre Dame migrates to AWS and saves 40% annually!

What a difference migrating to AWS could make? The university migrated its website and global student/faculty authentication stores to AWS, and plans to move 80% of its workloads in the next three years. University of Notre Dame reports saving 40% on its annual IT operations by moving to AWS thus far.

King County Saves $1 million in First Year by Archiving Data in AWS Cloud

The county needed a more efficient and cost-effective solution to replace a tape-based backup system used to store information generated by 17 different county agencies. It turned to AWS for long-term archiving and storage using Amazon Glacier and NetApp’s AltaVault solution, which helps the county meet federal security standards, including HIPAA and the Criminal Justice Information Services regulations. The county is saving about $1 million in the first year by not having to replace outdated servers, and projects an annual savings of about $200,000 by reducing operational costs related to data storage.