Case Study 2: Financial Services Firm Embraces AWS for Compliance and Agility


A mid-sized financial services firm with a focus on consumer credit was constrained by its legacy IT infrastructure, which was not only costly but also lacked the agility needed to innovate and meet regulatory requirements.


  • Meeting stringent data security and compliance regulations imposed on financial institutions.
  • Need for high availability and disaster recovery capabilities.
  • Reducing IT operational costs while increasing the ability to innovate.


The firm opted for a strategic migration to AWS to leverage its highly secure and compliant environment. They used AWS services such as AWS Lambda for running code in response to events, Amazon DynamoDB for a managed NoSQL database, and AWS Shield for enhanced security.


  • Adopted a multi-tier architecture on AWS to enhance security and isolate resources.
  • Utilized AWS Lambda to automate compliance checks and real-time data processing.
  • Implemented DynamoDB to ensure quick data retrieval and to handle peak loads efficiently.


  • Achieved compliance with financial regulations through robust security measures and data encryption by default.
  • Improved system availability and business continuity with well-architected multi-region setups.
  • Reduced IT costs by 40% while significantly increasing the pace of introducing new financial products.

Business Impact

  • Enhanced customer trust due to improved security and compliance standards.
  • Faster time-to-market for new features and products increased competitive advantage.
  • Significant reduction in downtime incidents, leading to higher customer retention.