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    The time  for cloud is now, but there can be a lot of uncertainty in how to get it done or what to accomplish first. Partnering with Secure Cloud Networks can help make your transition to the cloud or your next cloud project much easier.  We have committed certified AWS Professional Solutions Architects and specialists that can make it happen. Cloud is what we do for you so that you can focus on your business.

    Customers who have transformed their architectures for optimization on the AWS Cloud reduce their TCO by 60-70 percent as compared to their previous hosting solution. Mauricio Fernandes - President Dedalus


    A Few Of The Services We Can Help You With

    AWS Serverless

    Build and run applications without thinking about servers


    Rapidly and reliably build and deliver products using DevOps practice

    AI/Machine Learning

    Easily add intelligence to your applications

    Our Architects have over 10 years of virtualization experience and over 7 years of architecting on the AWS cloud. We have stayed on the cutting edge of technology and want to lend our expertise to you. We base all of our projects on AWS best practices and adhere to the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework when helping our clients make the transition to AWS.

    Helping you get there with the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework

    The AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (AWS CAF) helps organizations understand how cloud adoption transforms the way they work, and it provides a structure to identify and address gaps in skills and processes. Using Secure Cloud Networks to apply the AWS CAF in your organization results in an actionable plan with defined work streams that can guide your organization’s path to cloud adoption. This framework leverages Amazon Web Services, our experiences, and best practices in assisting organizations with their cloud adoption journey.

    Below are the 6 CAF perspectives

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