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Serverless computing enables companies to build and run applications and services without thinking about servers. The serverless approach is applicable to nearly  any type of application or backend service, and all sizes and maturity of organizations, from startups to multi-national
corporations. With serverless compute services such as AWS Lambda, provisioning, scaling, and management of servers are handled by AWS we at Secure Cloud Networks help you with the design, architecture, and tailoring the solution to your specifications. Building serverless applications means that developers can focus on their core product instead of worrying about managing and operating servers or runtimes, either in the cloud or on-premises.

We use AWS Lambda to run code without servers and we can help you take advantage the benefits of using serverless technology. Engage our Solutions Architects to help you to design your serverless architecture for a whole range of things from SaaS solutions to video processing, and web applications.


There is no need to provision or maintain any servers. There is no software or runtime to install, maintain, or administer.


Your application can be scaled automatically or by adjusting its capacity through toggling the units of consumption (e.g. throughput, memory) rather than units of individual servers.


Serverless applications have built-in availability and fault tolerance. You don’t need to architect for these capabilities since the services running the application provide them by default.

Serverless Image Handler

AWS solution that automatically deploys and configures a serverless architecture that is optimized for dynamic image manipulation.

Image Moderation Chatbot

Use Amazon API GatewayAWS Lambda, and Amazon Rekognition‘s image moderation deep learning feature to check images contained in messages posted to channels for explicit or suggestive content.

Serverless Blog Web Application

The Serverless Web Application (diagram) demonstrates how to use AWS Lambda in conjunction with Amazon API GatewayAmazon DynamoDBAmazon S3, and Amazon Cognito to build a serverless web application.

Extend other AWS services with custom logic

AWS Lambda allows you to add custom logic to AWS resources such as Amazon S3 buckets and Amazon DynamoDB tables, making it easy to apply compute to data as it is enters or moves through the cloud.

It is easy to get started with AWS Lambda. First you create your function by uploading your code (or building it right in the Lambda console) and choosing the memory, timeout period, and AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) role. Then, you specify the AWS resource to trigger the function, either a particular Amazon S3 bucket, Amazon DynamoDB table, or Amazon Kinesis stream. When the resource changes, Lambda will run your function and launch and manage the compute resources as needed in order to keep up with incoming requests.

Build custom back-end services

You can use AWS Lambda to create new back-end services for your applications that are triggered on-demand using the Lambda API or custom API endpoints built using Amazon API Gateway. By using Lambda to process custom events instead of servicing these on the client, you can avoid client platform variations, reduce battery drain, and enable easier updates.

Completely automated administration

AWS Lambda manages all the infrastructure to run your code on highly available, fault-tolerant infrastructure, freeing you to focus on building differentiated back-end services. With Lambda, you never have to update the underlying OS when a patch is released, or worry about resizing or adding new servers as your usage grows. AWS Lambda seamlessly deploys your code, does all the administration, maintenance, and security patches, and provides built-in logging and monitoring through Amazon CloudWatch.

Pay per use

With AWS Lambda you pay only for the requests served and the compute time required to run your code. Billing is metered in increments of 100 milliseconds, making it cost-effective and easy to scale automatically from a few requests per day to thousands per second.

Integrated security model

AWS Lambda allows your code to securely access other AWS services through its built-in AWS SDK and integration with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM). AWS Lambda runs your code within a VPC by default. You can optionally also configure AWS Lambda to access resources behind your own VPC, allowing you to leverage custom security groups and network access control lists to provide your Lambda functions access to your resources within a VPC.

AWS Lambda is SOCHIPAAPCIISO compliant. For the latest in Lambda certification and compliance readiness, please see the full services in scope.

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