04 Jun

Deliver Secure Solutions for Your Mobile Physicians with Secure Cloud Networks and Citrix

The advent of mobile devices and wireless networks is a double-edged sword for healthcare organization IT departments. While mobile devices and wireless networks enable us to be productive wherever we are – think about how we searched for information before Wi-Fi and smartphones – they have also introduced new security and data privacy threats.


Mobility has also transformed how healthcare providers deliver patient care. Physicians and staff are able to carry their applications and electronic health records (EHRs) wherever they go. Mobile clinicians communicate with patients and order prescriptions via text messages and email in coffee shops. They move between examination rooms and hospitals using tablets, and they can carry their laptops from the office to residential care facilities and home at night.


Delivering secure remote access for your mobile physicians can be a complex endeavor given the sophisticated security threats, privacy expectations and government regulations you are required to meet. Your clinicians may use a variety of personal and business devices, and access records and applications on many different networks. Wherever they are, whatever they use, and however they access the apps and data they need, you must ensure that your patient and business data remains secure.


Secure Cloud Networks and Citrix can empower your physicians and staff to work wherever, whenever, and however they want with secure remote access to the apps and data they require through virtualization.


App and desktop virtualization simplifies your application and desktop deployments by consolidating your IT functions in the datacenter and delivering all of the applications and information your physicians and staff need anywhere, anytime, and on any device.


To learn more about all the benefits of app and desktop virtualization solutions from Secure Cloud Networks and Citrix, visit www.healthcare.SolveITwithCitrix.com/infographic/securecloudnetworks where you can access a library of resources including whitepapers and videos. Or visit Citrix Healthcare Solutions.


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