How do you take the complexity out of managing Citrix Netscaler?


The Wizard gives you our Netscaler Remote Management Service finally the management and configuration you need without the overhead

  •  Monitoring and alert triggering
  • Monthly service (No Contract or Commitment Required)
  • No training staff or contracting/hiring expensive personnel
  • You set the length of engagement
  • Configuration management included (no drift)
  • Automated rollback support

Powered by AWS Cloud Computing

We build our service’s on the shoulders of giants

Our goal is to help you to become giants as well. The help you need without the cost of hiring or contracting expensive IT professionals. The cloud and automation makes this possible.  Netscaler’s rich Powershell Nitro API ensures we are able to push the changes you want securely and hosting these capabilities in AWS allows us to extend and scale at a pace the world has never seen at a cost that would not be possible 10 years ago. Security and compliance with Puppet enables us to push the changes you need and rollback if needed automatically.  In addition we protect against configuration drift which means your changes stay your changes unless approved otherwise. If configuration changes without approval the changes are checked against the last approved template and anything that is different is automatically reverted back.

No Staff

No need to hire or contract specialized staff we have

  • Citrix Certified Architects
  • Citrix Certified Engineers
  • Citrix Certified Professionals – Netscaler

Secure and Compliant

We build on AWS Cloud infrastructure and use best practice’s to enable us to offer a service that adheres your security and compliance needs

  • SSL encryption
  • No Drift
  • Multi-tenant design

No Drift Configuration

Changes stay in a consistent state until an approved change is pushed. Any unapproved changes are automatically rolled back.

  • Secure
  • Compliant
  • Consistent


  •  Up to 5 basic configurations
  • Configuration Management (No drift)
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • 10% off Architecture and design services
  • 2 hours support included (business 9-5)


$495 set up fee

$299/per NS a month


  • Up to 10 basic configurations
  • Configuration Management (No Drift)
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • 20% off Architecture and design services
  • 5 hours support business and weekend support (9am-8pm est)
  • Disaster recovery and high availability guidance

$495 set up fee

$995/per NS per month
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